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Thanks for all the code it really helped me launch my own site

Dec 9, 2012 at 2:06 AM

Thanks to all the people who contributed to this project, it really helped bootstrap my own project.

I ended up branching from the MVC 4 code and … errrr… probably ended up deleting most of it during my month of development; but it helped me have a working site to develop my own stuff in.


The major changes made;

  1. 1.       Storage of non-user objects in MongoDB
  2. 2.       Changed the API for Bing Maps to 7.0
  3. 3.       Changed the styling
  4. 4.       Changed the data types

But yeah, it is pretty much the same site with more event types and other things bolted on.

So thank you all for your contributions, w/o you I would not have been able to stand this up in a month of spare time.


Anyway it is up and running on http://Tourny.Org