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Tutorial Step 4: Index View -- Bulleted List disappears

Jul 12, 2012 at 8:09 PM

I'm working through the tutorial, using VS2010 and have created an MVC2 project for Nerd Dinner.  I updated the Index.aspx view template so that it uses the bulleted list BUT when I go to /Dinners/ the list just doesn't appear.  The Header (within <h2></h2>) does and the ActionLink to Create a New Dinner does too.  But there are no bullets or the "on" and "@" text or any of the Dinner information.  

(I downloaded the NerdDinner code and looked at /Dinners/ and still nothing in the list showed (even though the final Index.aspx is more complex than the one I'm currently working with, I could see the analagous sections...)).

I'm using IE9 so I set it to show all pages in Compatibility View but that didn't make a difference. 

Any ideas?  (I'm pretty new to programming and this is my first foray into MVC so I'm sure there's something I've overlooked.)  Thanks in advance.