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DotNetOAuth error on re-login

Jul 15, 2011 at 6:21 PM

I am running into an issue with re-login after I log out. The app throws as ASP.Net stack trace error (Yellow Screen) and this is how you may reproduce it

1. Launch NerdDinner

2. Click on Host Dinner. You are presented Login screen

3. Use Google to authenticate. Host Dinner page displays

4. Click logoff

5. Click Host Dinner again. Login screen displays. Click on Google again. 

6. Click "Allow" on Google auth page

7. Yellow screen of death with error not finding /Auth/LogOn.cshtml displays

Tracing thru the AuthController, you find that 

public ActionResult LogOnPostAssertion(string openid_openidAuthData) {
method falls to the 
case AuthenticationStatus.Failed:
Look at the exception: It reads "This message has already been posted. A replay attack may be in progress" 

The last line in that method is 
return View("LogOn")
However LogOn is not in the Views/Auth folder and thus the yellow screen

Any ideas?