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Is this possible with NerdDinner?

Aug 7, 2010 at 6:54 AM

Hello all,

Does anyone have an example of how to extend the view page of the Dinners to also display the RSVP's in the list of the POPULAR DINNERS?

So for example the Dinners list will display on the home page of nerddinners something like this below? (RSVP names from the RSVP table, underlined, bold, italic)

Popular Dinners

dorkfest lansing 2010
Dec 31 with 108 RSVPs (James Dean, Fraggle Rock, Homer Simpson, Cartman etc...)

2010 Opening Ceremony
Dec 2 with 38 RSVPs (Miss Piggy, Stan, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Johnny Cash etc...)

WarpSpeedDating @ Science Museum, London
Oct 20 with 15 RSVPs (John Wayne, Bill & Ted, Jet li, Jackie Chan)


I'm sure it's possible however I cannot seem to work this one out and need some guidance please!!!

Many thanks for any help