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Project Description

The Open Source ASP.NET MVC Project that helps nerds and computer people plan get-togethers. You can see the site running LIVE at http://www.nerddinner.comThis project's goal is to create the best website for Technology People to host their Lunches, Flashmobs, Dinners and informal get-togethers. 

As of August 2011, we are almost done updating the source to ASP.NET MVC 3 and adding a bunch of new features. You can get the source from the Source Code tab above if you like, or wait for a formal release in the next few weeks.

Here's what we're working on:

  • Mvc 3 + Razor - added
  • EF Code First (for a database that already exists!) - added
  • All libraries via NuGet - added
  • YepNope with Modernizr - added
  • JQuery Mobile beta 2 - added, some back button issues
  • An updated MobileCapableRazorViewEngine fixing a nasty caching bug Scott introduced a few years back
    • This probably needs to be tested some more then Pete and I will make it a NuGet package for MVC3. MVC4 will have formal support for mobile views baked in.
  • Geolocation, both desktop and mobile - added, some mobile work needed
  • MvcHtml5Templates by Scott Kirkland - added
  • ELMAH (and MiniProfiler to come soon) - almost done
  • 51Degrees Mobile capabilities module - added
  • DotNetOpenAuth by Andrew Arnott - added
  • proper Web Deploy Transforms - added
  • OpenID - added
  • Support all Countries - added
  • Exploit Virtual Earth's APIs more - added "draggable pins"
  • RSS Feeds for all pages - added a main one, need more?
  • iCal downloads for all events - added an iCal feed, and iCal for each details
  • "My" Dinners - added
  • Mobile version of the site - added
  • Twitter integration? Facebook integration? - Added Facebook, Twitter, sharing 
  • Blog Badges showing nearby dinners with automatic geo-location. - Added Flair, updating with cleaner implementation
  • As many Tests and as much Coverage as we can stomach - need volunteers
  • Continuous Integration Server - almost done. Thanks JetBrains!

We are currently adding lots of new features to NerdDinner. Would you like to help?

The original tutorial no longer applies exactly, as it was written a few years ago for an older version of MVC. That said, it can still be a good learning tool so you can download a 185-page free PDF walkthrough loaded with code and screenshots at

Also, if you have made a modification to NerdDinner, for example, to get it to run on Azure, or with NHibernate, let us know and we'll link it here!


Other NerdDinner forks/versions out there:

Leave your feature ideas at Put bugs above in the "Issue Tracker."

Here's instructions if you want to run Nerddinner on Mono/Linux.

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