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my Nerd Dinners revision notes


The following items might help others who go through the Nerd Dinners tutorial. I received errors without them.
  1. In Dinners table, enter dates greater than today; otherwise, no dinners will display on your "Upcoming Dinners" list.
  2. In Dinners table, enter times other than 12 AM.
  3. In Dinner.cs model class, add namespaces System.Data.Linq and System.Text.RegularExpressions.
  4. In Views/Dinners/Index.aspx, use "<%=DateTime.Parse(dinner.EventDate.ToString()).ToShortDateString() %>" instead of the format suggested in the code; same with "<%=DateTime.Parse(dinner.EventDate.ToString()).ToShortTimeString() %>". Do the same in Details.aspx.