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VELatLong gets an error

Jun 22, 2009 at 9:44 PM

I tried using the code in both the sample chapter and the direct download from this site.  For some reason, whenever i try to create a LatLong item by calling:

        var LL = new VELatLong(item.LatLong.Latitude,

in the callbackForLocation, Latitude is undefined and throws an error in the call. 

I looked up Bing Maps info on MSDN and found ( which details how to use the API

I noticed they just passed the item.LatLong into the VEShape (which we encapsulate in LoadPin).  I changed the code to:

        LoadPin(item.LatLong, item.Name, description);

And dropped the LL item above.  Everything seems to work then.

Don't know if anyone else is experienceing this error.  Of course, the updated PDF specifies jQuery-1.3.2 and the download on this site used 1.2.6.  Maybe something changed that broke the code?